Meet the winner for March ’14 – ‘History – Monuments’ by Pavan Kumar

We’re happy to announce Pavan Kumar’s project titled ‘History – Monuments’ as the most voted project for the month of March. Pavan is a graduate in Painting and his project is about documenting historical sites in India, engaging multiple dimensions and layered textures. You can find below the project details submitted by Pavan and samples of his work.

Congratulations Pavan!

A little about me:
I .Mr. Pavan Kumar ,have completed bachelor degree in painting Visakhapatnam ,India, and masters from painting Bangalore university ,Bangalore ,India. I have received a small scholarship from “S G vasudev charities” after completing my post graduation it helps me to start my individual artistic carrier .It encourages to exhibit a solo show of my paintings across India successfully. After solo show I got more opportunities to prove my self as an artist.

About my Project:
I am working with multiple dimensions on paper which is an extension of the previous, experimenting over surface and media with the theme being history and monuments. The places or monuments in my works may refer to recognizable and popular sites. But I use them only as reference signs to bring about certain experiences and specific instants. The architecture and the city spaces can also be seen as enclosures bounding the self without allowing its social interaction. In that way they are disciplinary mechanisms in play within the picture frame. Also the dark colors and layered textures try to bring about the gloomy and layered intermingling of situations and emotions. They are shown in such a way that one always sees the scene with some obstructions or screens. No scene or image is done in a clear manner. I feel this is what characterizes our situation, where every information reaches us only after passing through several screens

Project History:
Since 2006 I have been working on this project – history and monuments. I had begun my explorations when I was still a student at Visakhapatnam. Later, I have traveled and documented the historical monuments in and around Bangalore when I was doing my post graduate studies in fine arts. After my Bangalore days I went Baroda, lived there for two years, and continued painting while I was interacting with the art students and artists. With this interaction I found that there is a wider scope and possibilities in my chosen project.
My first visit to Punjab was in 2012. Since then I have been moving around the state studying the monuments and their historical significance. Punjab was also a battlefield where many wars have taken place since the age of epics – Mahabharata till the recent separatist movement which had shattered Punjab in 1980s and 90s.

The monuments which I am documenting is connected with the memories of bloodshed melted and flowed through the fertile land of Punjab.
These paintings do reflect the monuments as I have perceived. The reading of history, the experience of seeing the monuments as well as the memory and prejudices in synthesizing them, and by weaving them with distortions and abstractions I have portrayed my works. The characteristics of transparency and opacities are juxtaposed, creating puzzles between liquid and solid.

Keeping in mind the memory and prejudices, I am visiting the Islamic monuments, the Sikh Gurudwara’s, palaces and the ancient temples in Punjab region. I have been visiting and revisiting historical sites near Jalandhar – Ranjit Singh fort and other monuments such as Bajwara, Kapurtala, Nakodar and Talwada. These are some of the lesser known but architecturally unique monuments which have attracted my attention. Exploration is in process in the form of studies – visual and verbal.

Presently, I am travelling through Punjab state and documenting the historical sites. This is my second trip to Punjab for documentation. Traveling and working more on Punjab and once the documentation completes I will get back to painting. Traveling through history and meeting people connected, researching and reading – there are tremendous possibilities in exploring.

Prior to the Punjab documentation tour I spent roaming around the monuments of Delhi which has already been explored in my works and exhibited in the show titled Baroda March, Seventh Edition in the Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai in March 2014.


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